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Thread: Sabie memories 😞

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    Default Sabie memories 😞

    Managed to visit the stomping grounds of many an older think bike member and many ex members or members that are no longer with us.

    was rather shocked to see the deterioration that’s happened in graskop, hazyview, Sabie, the infamous woodsman and the loss of the paradise rally site.

    many here won’t know me or remember some of the names but it brought tears to my eyes driving the 22, longtom pass, the sweeps from the three rondavels, robbers pass, thinking about the times we had there and seeing blackie, buccaneer, Venterkie, wim skywalker, bounce, rookie and so many more ghost riding with me. Remembering all the words of wisdom they always shared so freely, the experiences we shared the failures and the triumphs each rider experienced.

    too often we tend to forget just a bit too easily, too often real world just fades out the human side.
    it’s time we take a step back and remember the persons, the more important things in life. No matter what our personal opinions were or are about each other but as time moves on we all should stop and remember.

    my first trip down to Sabie was with a small group of friends from think bike around 2006, and it became a rather regular trip. The groups grew, the pace picked up, accidents were had, Kevin on his busa, skinny on the darn f800, fick with his blackbird, wim on his zx10 …

    the think bike stickers we posted on the tunnel, the adventures we had riding the passes, the power slides through corners and the near heart attacks from overcooking corners due to long hours of spirited riding…

    Cherish the moments but never forget who we shared them with…

    to those no longer with us, I remember, we miss you guys.
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