Hi guys,

I'm going to be selling my Honda CB-1 soon. It's been a great bike but I'm looking for a change. I'm trying to get away from carbs and would want a more upright seating position. Also, a little dirt-roading wouldn't go amiss.

Admittedly, my budget isn't the highest as I may emigrate soon. I'm trying to stick around 40k at this point in time. This leaves me with a few options. An older BMW F650GS, a Kawasaki Versys, Honda Transalp or Africa Twin, etc.

I have used the search function to try and find some information but nothing recent or of real use popped up. Please provide a link to the thread if I'm wrong or have overlooked something 👍

Advice I'd need is regarding reliability, cost and availability of parts, fuel consumption, availability of workshop manuals/videos as I prefer doing most smaller things myself.

I've sat on a F650GS and it's fairly comfortable but that's as far as seat experience goes. I will try to have a go at each but for now, I'd like to gather as much info as possible.