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    I'm a new member on TB. One of the projects on my bucket list is to tear down/disassemble a bike, fix it, and reassemble it again (maybe with a few mods here and there ). However I've never done this before and don't have the space/ tools to start this project.

    Just wanted to find out from TB members if there is some kind workshop in the JHB/Pretoria area where I can pay a rental/membership fee to use their space and their tools?

    I'm thinking of something similar to these guys in Cape Town ( but can't seem to find anything in JHB. Doesn't even have to a proper workshop, just need a space to park the bike to work on and have most of the tools that I might require. It will be a slightly long term project as I will only have weekends to work on the bike.


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    Hey Noir

    Firstly, welcome to the forum.

    Secondly, I'd suggest having a chat with Banditman, I believe he does this sort of thing on the regular, and has a thread here on the forum where he rebuilt a bike . Though he is in the Eastern Cape (I think), he may be able to point you in the right direction. Else there is Iron Man and Hobbes who may be able to give you a pointer or 2. Once you have an idea of what bike to use for your project, look for the service manual or owners manuals (or both) online. Also, quite a bit of the work may be outsourced, such as painting, reconditioning/rebuildig of certain parts (like the forks, crankshaft, etc.)

    Thirdly, if you want to strip and rebuild a bike, chances are you may want to make changes to it once you're done, or even do the services yourself. For that reason, and considering it's a planned long term project, I'd recommend getting yourself a set of tools and using your garage for the project. Your basics are a #10, #12 and #13 spanner and socket, but they usually come in sets so getting a small set shouldn't break the bank. The tools aren't the most expensive bit, the parts and labour will be.

    Good luck with the project. And once you're getting started, keep us updated.
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