Hi there Think Bike peeps

I have been approached by a tour operator to quote on some of the logistics for a group of 100 riders who will be visiting the country.

They need guides (in effect marshals) to keep them moving safely in four groups of 25. I already have two guides, so I am looking for six more skilled and experienced riders to assist.

The operator pitched two options:
  1. Joburg - Sun City - Joburg
  2. Cape Town - Hermanus - Cape Town

They will pay a nice daily rate, provide meals and accommodation and will pay for our fuel. There is an extra fuel allowance for 50km to get to the venue and 50km to get home. But there is no money to pay a Vaalie’s petrol to get to Cape Town.

If you are interested in joining us on this gig, please send me your contact details to Rehann@myFiets.co.za so I can get a list going. I will keep the people on the list updated on the event.

I have sent in my quote, but I am not sure how long it will take to get the go ahead. The operator had hoped to run the event this year, but March will be more realistic. I don’t think our borders will open to foreigners before then.

Reflective vests will be supplied.

I hope to work with some familiar faces again!

This is not a Think Bike Marshalling event, nor does it purport to be.