And before I get shot down by a snowflake for being insensitive about C19, if you can't make a joke about something, take a close look in the mirror!
I know only too well the hardship that an awful lot of people are going to be under, never mind us self employed that will have no income for the next 21 days at least, but the poor, and the sick, many of whom have zero back up in cases like this.
Lets all stay home and be good!
I would like to think that without hoarding or panic buying, we have made sure we have enough of everything we will need for the duration.
I know mommy is going to have to make one trip to the chemist to collect my meds next week, but apart from that, my car is already parked up, battery disconnected.
Guys and Gurls, STAY SAFE!!!!
My birthday messages will continue as usual, so for those that they annoy, look out, here I come!