Ullo, folks!
Me again.

My son at 21 had his driving license card stolen. He has been battling to get a copy of it.
First up, he lost his ID at the same time, so that required replacing first. That was a laugh a minute with our DHA.

Now he is trying to get his driving license replaced. He has a SAPS Affidavit but not a case number because they wanted him to go to another SAPS station nearest the crime scene to get a case number in another city! (Oh dear lawd! That lost me 8 good years of my life-span).

So now it has been weeks he hasn't been able to get an online booking. The website simply says, "no spaces available". Not in any area except Heidelberg. Oh, and The West Rand - which when he finally called someone they told him doesn't exist - it's just one of those things. But Roodepoort is full, Krugersdorp, Randburg, etc etc.

And you can ONLY book online.

Then, he went to Randburg, and as soon as he said, "stolen" they immediately wanted to send him to the Randburg Civic Centre, gat net ver weg van my af en maak dit iemand anders se probleem.

And so we are still clueless and blocked out by the online booking page. How does that happen anyhow? Is it possible that there is not ONE single space anywhere in Gauteng?
It sounds to me more like that system has crashed; or scalps are block booking thousands of spaces to resell them.

Anyone done this before? Any advice for a completely frustrated youngster? TIA

PS. I am assuming the bank can't do this?