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    Good day Every one

    So not sure how many people know, but there was a bunch of guys that ran this group called Moto Rider Academy, unfortunately they where not getting the numbers to be able to afford hosting track days at Phakisa Freeway, so have put MRA in suspension.

    this means that a load of us where seriously concerned as we really digged doing MRA weekends at Phakisa, and very few people still use the track as its far from most places, but lets be serious, i still watch the motoGP race with Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi having a go at each other in 2004 when we last had MotoGP in SA

    So a few of the guys didn't wana stop using the track and created MRC, "Moto Rider Club" a members club where we pay R500 bucks a month each as agreed and we get a track day at phakisa ever second month, as numbers grow we will get a track day every month as with more numbers we can afford to rent the track ever month instead of currently every second month.

    and OOM Jannie has done us a solid and rents the track himself on the Friday and is open to having members come and ride, just give a R100-R200 donation for the Marshals who have to sit and watch the 8-10 riders use the track all day.

    I mean this is an amazing track, and its sad to see Motorsports in such a way in south africa, so if any one want to tag for a track day they can PM me for details,

    Members can invite guests at R750 per track day as we need people to see how beautiful this track is and grow numbers by joining, then just bring R100-R200 for the marshals on the Friday before

    Next days are 9th and 10th Aug 2019, PM me if you'd like more details and are interested in coming and riding a track that is unbelievably Beautiful to ride
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