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    Default QE Brokers

    So Generally insurance is a pain, i always believed i would be grown up enough one day to be able to decide and be thorough enough to find the best deals on the planet,

    trying to be a grown up through proves harder than i initially thought, and lets not talk about the practice, cause the court case is still pending,

    So after some time struggling and doing the best i could, i decided to see what a broker could do for me, so i contacted Stranger, one of the Founder marshals around here, who is a broker and Runs “QE brokers”, and i can tell you because of his and Goose's hard work i still have my dream baby “Monica” who i would have lost due to being a Lightie with heavy throttle hand at Phakisa freeway, Stranger saved the day and got me my bike back as clean as the day i got her.

    So i searched around for Cage insurance, as i have to drive cage for Graft, being in IT and all, and when i contacted the Insurance Company's for quotes on my new Cage, horrified would be putting it lightly, so I called up Stranger and he came in with a better offer in all ways.

    Anyone who knows me will know i have a problem with things driving into me on the road as most people do in South Africa do. My New Cage “Arabella” was a couple days under a month old and I had some one give her a feel up from behind one day in the traffic.

    True as ever Stranger comes in, sorts every thing out for me, tells me the what, how and where, and due to it not being my fault he did me the solid and got me my insurance Excess back, I never believed id need a broker, but man, looking back I have no clue how much I was missing out on someone personally handling my Insurance and saving me loads of cash.

    Thank you Stranger and The Goose,
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    Agreed 100%. Changed to them a number of years back and within a month of doing so, my almost brand new car was written off by an idiot that ran out of talent on a wet road. Everything was sorted out with the minimum amount of trouble.

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