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Thread: Restoration of BMW R75/5 750cc

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    Default Restoration of BMW R75/5 750cc

    Friend of mine, recently deceased, was restoring a BMW (engine no: 2978819). He was a fastidious fellow and everything had to be 100% A-OK. The bike is presently in parts, the smaller parts all in boxes; the seat has been restored and the tank and mudguards resprayed, all professionally done. He was a member of the BMW vintage bikers association.

    His widow is wishing to sell the bike 'as is' and has been offered a price by a local auctioneer - less than what you would pay for a 2nd second hand kiddies bike.

    Also available a bikers leather outfit, [jacket and pants], in excellent condition, label "Horro - made in Germany", colour red & black. Would love to have it but unfortunately a tad too small for me; my height=1.88m weight=77kg

    Any one interested?


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    Hi Harold,

    My sympathies.

    Unfortunately, I won't be much help. I don't know much about this
    stuff. I think more details would help though, like the year of this
    model and any other background on it with some photos.

    Just off the top of my head:

    Why not contact The BMW Vintage Bikers Association directly?
    They might be way better than some outsiders.

    There's also guys like the organisers and participants of
    DJ Run and there's also The Classic Motorcycle Club.
    (please see the links)

    People already into this kind of stuff would know more about it and
    may be less intimidated by a project like this and see more perhaps
    of what it's worth than someone like an auctioneer that would
    reasonably want to avoid carrying too much risk getting into
    something like this.

    It might be worth contacting some custom bike shops too, maybe they
    can get an idea of how feasible a project this is and what's it
    worth. It's also not completely unfamiliar territory for them with a
    little bit more objectivity too.

    At least in JHB, it seems there are a couple of shops that do that
    kind of work. It might just be a better way to get an idea on all

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    I see you are in Kzn. The 100s bike group is associated with the classic vintage car club. Maybe a good direction to aim at as they will probably apprechiate the bike more than the auctioneer is prepared to offer.
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    Tell the auctioneers thank you, and have sex and travel.

    You have more than one option but - being a project, fastidious or not - don't expect top dollar "as completed". You should do much better than the auctioneers though. Use the above advice. You can also search out Classic Bikes for sale SA on Facebook (and similar sites), along with local classic bike groups. Especially if there are guys who know the bike and are interested. As long as they also don't want it for free.
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