Hi everyone,

I decided to stretch the GTR1400ís legs a few days back and went for an 850 km round trip from Gauteng-->Sabie-->Hazyview-->Graskop-->Nelspruit-->Gauteng. I havenít taken that route in a while and I must say I am very disappointed in the condition of the roads. For those of you planning a trip, and like me havenít been out there in a while, see feedback below:

  • Belfast to Lydenburg via Dullstroom: Road is not too bad. Few bad potholes but easy to dodge at the speed limit. Be careful of the bridges, some are of the joins are like speedbumps. You dont want to hit them at crazy speeds Ė especially with a pillion.
  • Long tom Pass: Road not to bad but very bumpy, especially in the corners. You donít want to be anywhere near the limit in the corners. Allot of slow trucks, some doing 20km/hr so be careful around blind corners.
  • Sabie to Hazyview (R536 AKA the 22): Plenty of potholes so I guess the days of the 22 is long gone. Still a nice route and the potholes are easy to dodge but I wonít recommend that anyone ride it Ilse of Man style. Allot of potholes around blind bends. Most bends are sweeping with good visibility. Still allot of fun but very disappointing, considering the general condition of such a legendary road.
  • Hazyview to Graskop (R535/R533): Road not too bad for the first part. A few big pot holes but once the R533/R535 joins (the last stretch to Graskop) the road is not extent on the left in some places.
  • Graskop to Sabie (R532): Road not too bad. Some potholes to look out for.
  • Sabie to Nelspuit via R37/R539: Probably the best road of them all.

So, in short Ė plenty of potholes and Iím afraid it seems that biker heaven has become pothole heaven. Donít travel close behind cars, you wonít see the potholes coming and most of them will take you out as they are ankle deep most of the time. Still a nice route and I would recommend it.

It took me 10 hours to do the 850kms and what I have learnt from the GTR is when I am tired and 'gatvol' that bike is just warmed up and getting startedÖwhat a machine. For those of you with adventure bikes, ignore everything I said and just go meerkat for about 450kms and you will be ok! For those of you with superbikes, do your ass a favor and do the trip over three days

Be careful out there and take it easy.