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Thread: Guts 'N Gas Offer so much more

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    Default Guts 'N Gas Offer so much more

    Hello People's

    So Iíve been a bike troll for most of my life now, seen some good and bad sides of this world.
    one of the area's that always worries me is care for my young ladies, and knowing some people always helps in this regard
    so Being a TB member and knowing how awesome the guys from Guts N Gas are, I'm always guna shout there name as loud as possible

    So Monica Needed her 30K service, Monica is a K8 Gixxer 750, so she is 10 years old, but man is she a Beauty, Real collectors piece.
    And "She" Daytona 600 is almost ready for her next track service.

    So i have a rough idea what every thing should cost for these service's.

    So i give Vin a call, tell him what im looking for, he says cool, he will chat to his suppliers, remember he is an accessory store and doesn't stock every thing in store, but will be willing to find you just about any thing you want or tell you where is the best place to get it if he cant, true as bob, 20 min later i have a call back with prices and delivery time to the store. two day turn around on every thing i asked for is really nice as i didn't have to run all over town trying to find every thing for two major services for two very demanding ladies.

    Now just to show how Amazing Guts N Gas is, day of Pick up, i get a call from Vin to say the supplier f'ed up the price on the 6L of oil i ordered, Being Synthetics these are pricey oils, my ladies only sip the Finest cocktails, and Vin apologizes and prominently tells me the price is R300 lower then quote i accepted.

    Like how is this guy guna keep the doors open? i was happy to cover the cost as it was way cheaper then the dealers, and then he gives me even more off just because its the right thing to do.

    Vin, Roland and Kieran, you guys are legends,
    Thank you
    Give the guys a shout if your looking for Something
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    Awesome stuff, for this useful info, I will consider not showing you rude hand signs next time I ride past you.

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    I love GnG too.

    My XR had it's last rear tyre, chain and sprockets done there. I've also bought my Givi tank bag, my AGV helmet and 2 different visors from them.

    They're a good bunch of guys and I won't easily go elsewhere.

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