I just want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to a fellow rider that I hooked up with and chatted to at the T-junction of Dennis Street (bottom end of the Mooi Street offramp off the M2) and Wemmer Pan Road whilst waiting for the lights to turn green. He was on a yellow Kawa and was en route to Springs. You most likely saved my life when you threw up your hand for me to stop when a bastard motorist jumped the red robot at high speed moments after the robot went green for us. If you are a member here and read this, my heartfelt thanks to you, not only from me, but also from my wife and children who were spared the traumatic consequences of what is likely to have happened if not for you.

To other fellow riders using that route: Please be careful at that T-junction. Wait 2 seconds after the green lights before you make your turns there.