Hi all been a minute(years actually) that I trodded through these streets but I am back again for some good advice. Hoping the new and old guard can help. I am looking for a bigger bike now and found and SUZUKI SV650 1999 with bust big end bearings that I am looking at. Now I want to know if it's a good decision to go for it. Called around and got a price for the bearings 250 a set. I plan on doing all the labor myself but want to find out if the will be something will creep up on me?. In my head I see the bearings plus strip down and rebuild done by me and maybe polishing the crank which will have to be outsourced. I want to know if my noobness is overlooking something?. Will give it a thorough look through but the is only so much you can see with a closed engine that's not running.