Hey Every one

Doing a Bfast run to O's Parays, Have no idea about food or ride, but heard a thing or two and people say they good,
"Na we aint lost, we just never been here before"

So if any of the Little kiddo's wana tag feel free.

Meeting Caltex Darrenwood "cause there's a Seattle" @ 08h00 to leave by 08h30
Ride through to maby blockhouse to collect any more kiddo's from that side if they let us know they wana ride with,
go out to ride through Fochville "cause we cool like that"
Grab Chow @ O's Resturant "till every thing that's Stationary has been chewed on"
ride Back Via Potchefstroom Rd "cause why the hell not"
Enjoy the rest of our lives with the fun between our legs

Drop me a PM for more details or direct contact detail, "If I don't see you through the week, I'll see you through a window"
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