LesothoDecember 2017 Adventure and Tar Routes on offer

December26, Jhb – Clarens
December27, Clarens – Lejone (Lesotho)
December28, Lejone – Thaba-Tseka

December29, Thaba-Tseka – Sani Pass
December30, Sani Pass – Himeville
December31, Himeville – Jhb
Two routesplanned: Adventure & Tar
Back-upvehicle available. Tar riders help set up camp daily.
Adventureriders: technical, slow, and self-contained for emergencies.
Cost: R300/motorcycle
Riderscover own accommodation, fuel and food.
I did thisroute in three days a few years ago. Being a newbie adventure rider, afterattending Countrytrax course, decided to put my training to the test. Grueling10 hour/day in the saddle. Hated, but loved it. The fee charged is to cover thecost of the back-up vehicle’s fuel and emergency kit. Camping will be the orderof the day. Only register if you’re crazy… Mountain passes that skrik for niks.River crossing a possibility.