Hermanus 18/02/2017
This breakfast run was just to Hermanus. We met again at5:20am at the Gordons Bay BP garage for some well deserved cappuccinos. Thevery second we could see the light on the mountain range we suited up and hitthe road. Taking the famous coastal road R44 around the sweeping corners. Half wayas soon as it was light we stopped to take our first photos of the day.


Once the photo was out the way .......... had to have asmoke before we continued. We made our way to Klienmondfor some more coffee and a chat. While standinghaving my coffee out side the Sasol garage I looked up on saw this great photo.

When the coffee was done we climbed back on out amazingmachines and headed for Hermanus. Still be early when we got to Hermanus allthe places still close we then saw a fantastic photo opportunity............

We did not stop there and wanted some more photos


Once we had our fill of photographing out bikes we decidedto head to Voelklip to have breakfast at “The Daily Bread”. We had a fantasticbreakfast and the service was great with even more coffee...lol.
After breakfast we saddled up again and headed home thequick way back on the N2.

Have a Great evening ALL