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    Barrydale run 11/01/2017
    Good day all. Glad to me a member of the site .......... andlook forward to sharing my breakfast run stores with you all. For now willstart off with one I did early in the new year to Barrydale.
    It was on the 11/01/2017 we met at the BP Garage in theStrand at 5am in the morning ........... thats right you reading the time writeLOL we early birds. After filling up and having a well deserved coffee westarted our ride.
    We took the N2 all the way to Swellendam. Stopping for 1smoke brack here and there.On one ofthe stops you could see the mist on the mountains on the way to Sellendamstill.
    Once we got to Swellendam, we put petrol in to our thirstymotorcycles and had a well deserved coke and smoke break Won’t tellyou about all my smoke breaks. Shortly after leaving Swellendam on the N2 youturn off onto the R324 for Barrydale. On route one goes through the TradouPass..........its stunning.
    Then on to Barrydale for breakfast. After driving around thetown to see where we would have Breakfast we then decided to go to Diesel &Crème for a great breakfast.
    After filling out tummy’s we decided that we had to do the27km to Ronnie’s Sex Shot for an ice cold this time the heat wasstarting to beat down. It was one of those days that hit 39 degrees.
    Left Ronnie’s and headed back to Barrydale on the famousR62. A quick fill up on our thirsty motorcycles in Barrydale........then offagain on R62 to Robertson for lunch. Unfortunately at this time the heat was and still can’t believe we did not take any more photos of thisfantastic road trip. After lunch and refilling our motorcycles we headedstraight home to the Strand.
    Hope I did not bore you all too much and look forward tosharing more of my out rides!!!
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