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I suppose it depends on the characteristics of the bike as well. My Bonny doesn't have the best fuelling in the world and low speed, low gear shenanigans is a jerky affair - also because it has tremendous engine braking, soft front forks and a kaktonne of low down torque. I short-shift to second as soon as possible even in normal riding.
Very much so. Some FI bikes are very twitchy at low speeds and gears (some of the R1100/R850 motors are good examples), and if your bike's carbs aren't set up properly or are worn - same fun. You can work around softer front forks in the test if you're using your brakes correctly, especially in all stops outside of the emergency stops, by slightly decreasing the front brake and increasing the back brake pressures at the very end of your stop.

One of my test candidates today went on his KLR650 - no problems. The second gave the exercises a try on his 700 Transalp after training on the 250, and also felt happier to go on his own bike after all.