I need to insure my CBR1000RR K4

I contacted this list of companies for insurance quotes
Quicksure RT
Iron Horse
Mont Blanc
Thinkbike forum Stranger
Alexander Forbes
Mutual and Federal
Auto and General

I'm still waiting for replies from some companies, but have gotten about 5 quotes. Some were crazy high.

I got the following interesting ones:


Excess R3150 (fixed, no extras)
Premium: R966/m (incl R8000 worth of my apparel)
* No excess paid for claims on 3rd party vehicles.
* Includes road assistance
* Repairs with genuine parts only
Quicksure (Momentum)
Total value: R11500 (updated list since the outsurance quote)
Excess R640
Premium: R104

Retail value R53,900
Extras covered on the bike come to total R14,900
Excess R2810 (fixed, apparently the only extra is if multiple claims in 3 months)
Premium: R556/m
* Includes road assistance
* Repairs with pirate parts when available&cheaper, otherwise genuine parts
(I got a few other offers from quicksure with lower premiums but high excesses)

What do you guys think the importance is of Outsurance's claim about Genuine parts?

Is there a big market of junk pirate parts available for CBR1000RR that I need to be worried about it?

If it is a concern then I should probably go with Outsurance.
Because there's not much point in having insurance, if you get a hunk of junk back from the repair shop.

The other thing is Outsurance could just be making a sales pitch. They're big into marketing. Maybe they tell the repair shop to use genuine parts, but how would I know the difference? I wouldn't go watch the entire process and I'm not a pirate bike spares forensics expert.

So maybe I should just compare hellopeter reports, check the complaints rates with the ombudsman, then take the cheaper insurance and hope for the best.

My friend says "Pirate parts" actually means used grey imports. Which is not so bad.

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Incase you're interested in reading about what can go wrong with pirate parts
The reason I'm being cautious is I had a bad experience once with Mutual and Federal. They forced us to take the car to a really crappy gangster repair shop that used pirate parts, did a crappy repair job, tried to intimmidate us when we said we weren't happy with the quality of the repair, the window they installed didn't even have mounting holes. They glued the window to the winder, and of course glue doesn't stick to glass, so the window kept falling down. Each time we took it back to the repair shop they just re-glued the same crappy pirate window. (plus many other issues) It was a sad joke. We eventually complained incessantly to Mutual and Federal and refused to take it back to the gangster shop. Eventually MF begrudgingly allowed us to take the car to a decent reputable repair shop that they chose. But then the car had half a crap repair and half a decent repair. The car felt like a piece of junk after that. Crappy lightweight thin doors that clanged and jammed etc. The pirate bumpers and plastics etc. Nothing seemed right after that. So even though Mutual and Federal came through 6th time around, it was too little too late.