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Thread: Awesome service from Dirtstyle Suzuki!

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    Default Awesome service from Dirtstyle Suzuki!

    We are often quick to complain, but slow to compliment, and so I would like to share great service that my wife recently received from the team at Dirtstyle Suzuki.

    While on her daily commute to the office in the morning she stopped to refuel and the bike refused to start. Since I was on my bike and unable to respond to calls she tried the guys atSuzuki where we normally service our bikes.

    She was hoping that, at best, the guys might be able to tell her what she could look for or try to get the bike started, but when she spoke with the service manager, he immediately offered to send someone out to come and have a look at the bike where she was stuck. And 20 minutes later they were there.

    After various inspections and jumpstarts they figured out that the battery was the culprit and offered to drop my wife at her office while they took the bike back to the workshop to get a new battery fitted. Because she was late (and didnít fancy commuting in acage through morning peak hour) she decided to take her chances with the dodgy battery and ride the bike to the office and take it in to the workshop later.

    When we arrived at theworkshop the next morning the guys removed the old battery and popped in a new one in minutes and we were on our way. And the cost of the assistance that they gave my wife the day before? Not a cent! All we paid for was the battery.

    Needless to say I am very impressed, and these guys will always have my business.

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    I have to say they were good with me as well. I was having issues with my CB1000R starting, It was a battery problem and Honda themselves didn't have any batteries in stock. I was checking around everywhere for batteries and then my bikes electrics stopped working. Now a fuse was blown. I checked in with dirtstyle, They didn't have a battery in stock and I was about to leave, then they asked what was wrong. I explained the situation and they offered to pick my bike up and figure things out. The next day they had sorted the problem and replaced the battery.I was dreading the bill expecting it to crunch my wallet quite a bit... Got the invoice and I was pretty amazed. Charged only for the battery and fitting it...... Nothing else.
    I have decided that I will go to them from now on without a second thought.
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