All event initiatives undertaken under the Think Bike® brand (hosting events, education presentations at schools and corporates, running stalls at shows, handing out flyers at shopping centres, etc) are run by volunteers and are guided by the Board of Directors.

If you want to set something up, start by dropping the Directors an email with your proposed event details to keep them in the loop. ( Do this timeously to ensure that the Directors can assist by advertising your event via all the TB social media channels and provide you with all the support and guidance that they can.

Always bear in mind that Think Bike is not in a position to rent space or pay for individuals to be on site, and any event costs will have to be approved by the Board prior to being incurred.

Here is a short list of considerations when putting together an event:
1. Partners / Vendors:
a. Will you be running this event on your own?
i. Who will assist you or can you manage on your own?
b. Will you be making use of other brands / companies and be working in partnership?
i. Draft a proposal
ii. Put together a contact list
iii. Once you have confirmed your partners / vendors get them to sign a SLA containing all info regarding responsibilities, time frames, co-branding, etc.
c. Has TB been invited to an event?
i. Who will assist you?
2. Venue
a. Indoor or outdoor. Outdoor this means you need to take the weather into consideration
b. Lighting and electricity
c. Parking and directions
d. Access for people assisting at the stall (accreditations)
e. When can you start to put the stall up / take it down?

3. Equipment: What do you need to make this event a success? Do you have these items or do you need to source them?
a. Gazebo
b. Tables / tablecloths
c. Chairs
d. TB banner
e. TB stickers
f. Donation tin
g. Layout of stall
h. Other
4. Advertising:
a. Start this as early as possible