(1) At busy intersections, having been able to filter to the front, I always let the cars enter the intersection first to use them as shields against 'n red-lights violator. I pass them anyway shortly after the intersection and then its rinse and repeat with the next major intersections coming up. Cars will only hoot at you if you are in front of them. Your position when you filter would be next to the cars? (2) If you can't fit, don't split. If traffic at standstill I get through, even if I have to lift my handlebars over car mirrors. (3) N1 is like any other freeway. If I have to choose which freeway is more dangerous to travel on, I would go with N3 Giloolies. I lane-share on freeways only if traffic is slower than 80km/hr, otherwise I pass normally. (4) I have different riding styles catering for different riding conditions (no traffic, light traffic, moderate traffic v suburban roads / freeways, weather conditions etc).