The clutch cover that came with the bike looked like crap and wasn't usable anymore.

BUT it allowed me to experiment on it to see what my idea for a clear clutch cover would look like and as a practise piece in terms of doing the work and fitting the parts.

The trim ring and the Suzuki logo were both printed on my 3D printer. Both will be reprinted as the trim ring didn't print the edge, that will go around the polycarbobate, correctly. The logo has a few blemishes caused by the plastic (glow in the dark) burning slightly inside the printer's head.

All the screws you see will be replaced by stainless cap screws. Once the trim ring has been printed correctly I will probably have it "plastic chromed" but there is still a long way to go until making the final decision.

My thinking behind the many screws, 20 in total, is to spread the clamping load on plastics as much as possible as the clutch cover is also a plastic. That, in my mind, should also reduce the torque required on each screw which should help prevent any cracks.

The one thing I am now wondering about is if I should use a metal ring inside the clutch cover, drilled and tapped, into which I can screw in all the screws. OR if nuts and washers will be sufficient due to the number of screws I am using. These nuts will then have to be nylock nuts to prevent them from coming loose but the ring would be a safer bet albeit much more work and cost.

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