The board is available for users to provide information about bikers down, please ensure the following is upheld:

  • The biker down threads are for bikers that have been involved in an accident and are still with us;
  • No names or club details are to be released unless you know for certain the family has been informed;
  • Should you have the details of the rider that has been in an accident, please supply the information to Support Services Team (;
  • All posts are to be respectful to the rider, as families & friends are often directed to these pages;
  • Our interaction on these threads are to provide support to the rider who has been in an accident, please keep all "judgments" off the biker down threads and
  • When starting a thread, please use the following as a guide to the Title: Biker Down - Name / Unknown Rider - Area, this assists users when trying to find information on specific people.

Thank you