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Thread: Boots and Leathers

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    Default Boots and Leathers

    Hi Guys.
    Yet another advice thread.
    I'm busy buying boots and leathers. I have found a pair of SIDI Vertigo that fit me quite well, and I'm not 100% sure which size to get. The 43 is very snug new while the 44 is comfy. Any ideas how much they will stretch?? Should I get something that is a little tight and will stretch into in the next few months??

    Next for the leathers..... I'm looking at 2 piece suites because I'm mostly commuting and breakfast runs. Now how loose is too loose?? I want to be able to fit a thin warm layer underneath for the cold... but if I can grab about an inch fold of leather with only a T-shirt is that too loose??

    Thanks guys.
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    the sidi boots you are talking about will not stretch like normal leather shoes. Half is made out of a plastic any way and the strap's on the boot make them tighter they are great boots. For that price though, they should make you cups of coffee also (5grand)... There are some jackets that have inner's as well... Although the best all round solution would be to by a summer jacket has holes in it too allow to breath and vent. And just buy a rain suit from vuka for example and were the wind breaker jacket over it...
    I used jersey's and hoodie's under my jacket this winter. It was bulky and uncomfortable, could barely zip up the jacket.. And i still got cold... Now wit the rain suit wind breaker over the normal jacket even in the rain and cold i still get hot.. Its going to be my solution next winter.. Buy a jacket that fits nice and snug... And a wind breaker over that... Well thats my 2c use it. Dont use it.
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