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    After much deliberation, i decided my seats needed a make over, as im planning on changing my bike to Black, white and red, I decided the seats needed to match. My old seats were ripped in the front, and were in terrible condition. When I took my bike in to be valued for trade in, i was told, R16 000, and the torn seats were pointed out, I was told that they would cost a fortune to fix....:roll: LIARS

    So, here was my very first experience at covering seats

    Well Went to buy the leather, and bought enough, just incase i messed up.
    I spent a grand total of R50 on seating leather, and the first day I drew what i wanted, then I got busy cutting out a pattern on newspaper, and covering my seats with that, just to be sure. Then i turned the leather over, and drew with a pencil, outlining the paper cut-outs, leaving quite a large boarder for stitching.
    Then i cut the R logo a few times, so its all flat, so nothing is stitched on like layers. Then i pinned everything together, having a wicked looking cover with a blank R hole in it.
    Then I places all the R logos into each other, and ironed on this weird material on the back, to hold everything in place.
    Then the stitching. I had help with this, as i would have definitely broken the machine After it was all stitched, the stretching started, pushing in foam where the plastic in the seat had ripped through. Pulling and stapling did the job

    After all this, I rushed back to my bike to fit them, and biy, was i proud of my i cant wait for the next thing
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