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Thread: 2011 BEEEG charity drive... 9th October 2011 (ROUTE & OTHER IMPORTANT DETAILS)

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    Exclamation 2011 BEEEG charity drive... 9th October 2011 (ROUTE & OTHER IMPORTANT DETAILS)

    Participation is FREE on condition that you bring toiletries for a child.

    Come along and make the day a day to remember for us and the children in our community !

    The BEEEG Charity drive refers.

    Kindly familiarise yourself with the participation rules which are available here.

    Last year we had more than 300 motorcycles and almost 40 other vehicles attending the event !!! In total we had more than 400 people on the day.

    Two words guys/gals - THANK YOU !

    Herewith the official arrangements : (come rain/snow/hail/shine)

    If you have a Garmin GPS or MapSource you can download the route here ('right-click' and 'save file as')

    1. We will be meeting up in the Parking Lot behind the Winelands Engen 1 Stop (outgoing) at 08h30 on 9 October 2011 departing promptly at 08h30.

      • support vehicles available if you have goods and don't want to carry such on the bike with you.
      • The THINK BIKE marshals will be escorting the ride.

    2. Take the offramp to the du Toit's kloof pass (just before the Toll Gate).

    3. Heading over du Toit's kloof pass
      • RE-GROUP before we turn RIGHT into Worchester (between the second and last robot - park safely on the left side of the road please)

    4. Via Worcester towards Roberston
      • stop just before we enter Robertson (stop for smoke / regroup)

      • Specific parking arrangements have been made at the Home due to the size of the group - please only park in demarcated areas.
    5. Handing over collected goods and spending some time with the kids at Die Herberg.

    Show your true colours and ride along !

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