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Just bought a Honda twister that seems in good nick for the age and price. Paid R18600. Few scratches but does not show any signs of being in an accident. The clock says 21500km.

I tested the bike in town and it seemed fine. But when I took her on the highway after buying it I could only get 123km/h on a gps (140 on clocks) on downhills.

I thought it was the air filter but on closer inspection I realized that someone took the original carburetor off and replaced it with a smaller one. No idea why they would do it.

So I am looking for a secondhand carburetor for a Honda twister.

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That is a neat looking twister, what top speed were you expecting to get? I havnt taken mine on a highway in a couple months but from what I remember around 140 on the clock was the most I could get on a flat Road, anything past that just felt like I was gona hurt the bike, then again I'm not a very aggressive rider.