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Thread: Good workshop for Honda CB-1 in the Northern Suburbs, CT

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    Default Good workshop for Honda CB-1 in the Northern Suburbs, CT

    Hey guys,

    I own a 1989 Honda CB-1 and it needs to have some work done. Sometimes starts on what sounds like 2-3 cylinders and eventually it'll get going on all 4. This happened 1.5 years ago too and hasn't really stopped since then. I haven't been riding much and the bike has taken a back seat but I want that to change.

    Last time, to hopefully fix the issue, I had the carbs rehoned, rebuilt and synced but that didn't really fix the issue. Could it have something to do with leads and plugs?

    Either way, if you guys don't think it's something simple, do you have a place I can bring the bike to? I live near Goodwood and the guy I used last time did good work but it took FOREVER! Like 6 months or something to get my bike back because he was so busy. Many other places don't touch bikes, so advice would be great.


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