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Thread: Advertisements by Members only! - Please read!

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    Default Advertisements by Members only! - Please read!

    Please note that only Think Bike members can offer articles for sale on these boards!

    Should any person wish to advertise, please take the time and visit this page for further information:
    Look no further for a wedding photographer, commercial photographer or portrait photographer - Photography Courses offered
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    Hi All

    At this time, the above post has been recinded.

    Classified Boards are now open to any registered Forum user, irrelevant of Think Bike Member Status.

    You may:

    Advertise, once off, goods which you own, and which are for sale.
    Advertise, once off, goods which a friend owns, and which is for sale (i.e. Third Party Advertising)
    Provide referrals and/or references for any company\retailer etc which provided you will a good product.

    You may not:
    Use the Classified section for ongoing commercial sales of services or goods (whether manufactured by yourself, or where you are a distributor of same) unless you are a paid up advertiser on the Forum. In other words, you may not use the forum to run, or advertise current offerings from your business.

    The above notice also serves to override the current entries in the CoC (those items pertaining to advertising on the forum only!). The CoC still needs to be amended in this regard.

    However, any advertising which is posted in any other sections of the forum, other than the Classified Boards, may be subject to being deleted or moved to the correct forum board without prior notice. So, please post your "For Sale" threads in the correct forum boards
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