18-05-2006, 09:23 PM
Come on down to New Hanover, KZN to da CHILLY WILLY WINTER BASH at Da Travellers Inn, on da 10th June, 2006 from 12 noon onwards.
Cheeky long-sleeved 180gm good quailty T's goin' for a song, lekka cheeky metal badges too.
For R100 per person you gonna get: Campin' for da nite, a BIG Braai pack, Metal Badge, entertainment an' lots of BIG fire...Da cheep fire water will be available all nite!
Breakfast is German home made - anythin' fresher. it's either not laid yet or still walkin'! Home made health bread, Wors n' stuff.....
Da area is very scenic, excellent bikin' area.
To get dere, It's just past da Albert Falls Dam turn off just follow da New Hanover signs an' den turn off da main road when you get to da little village an' cross a narrow bridge an' dere da Travellers Rest is.
If anyone went to da Brahman Rally in New Hanover ...it's da old rally site but now a hellofva lot better.
Just bring your campin' stuff but I doubt if you're gonna use it! Gonna Rock you all nite!
Contact: Chanty 084-506-2944

05-06-2006, 07:31 AM
Chilly Willy Winter BAsh this weekend and we's looking towards it! I bin tol' dat for a R100 bucks we're gonna rock right thru the nite wiv lekka fires, lotsa booze to the sounds of good musik.....then next day get a slap up german chow breakfast before hitting the road agin to another charity jol at Toti.
Who's all going to the Chilly ???