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18-05-2006, 05:17 PM
Bike and riders
Red 1999 Suzuki SV650S (not Playgirl's, but one just like it).
Drika's PA (Vlam) and her pillion (Adele).
Both had reasonable kit - helmets, gloves, jackets, tough shoes.
Some damage but held up sufficiently well.

Visibility - Clear but heading toward dusk, around 16:45.

They had joined Marlboro drive from South road in moderate traffic.
They moved into the center lane to pass a truck in the left-hand lane.
About this time, Vlam noticed a car "over the white line" at an intersection on the left, waiting to turn right. For some reason, she rolled off the throttle at this point in case, but was still surprised when the car then tried to beat both truck and bike across two lanes - leaving them with nowhere left to go.
Vlam says she "couldn't brake too hard or she would have slipped" (?). Under braking she eventually tried to follow the car to the right as the left hand lane was still full of truck. Vlam says the lady driver didn't look her way once.

They probably impacted at around 50km\h.

(British ?) lady driver immediately said they must have been speeding, but two other witnesses who also stopped said nonsense - they were going about the same speed as the traffic around them. Apparently unable to give licence details, but offered a passport number.
Lady calls her husband, who removes car and her from the scene before the police arrived - "to take her to a clinic" - despite the protests of all concerned. Case lodged as hit-and-run (on later police advice). Cellphone pictures of damage and licence plates were taken, fortunately.

The front-left side of the bike impacted into the drivers door. Front forks bent backwards from suspected impact against front wheel. Other peripheral damage as expected when bike rebounded off car. Tank damaged by body impact !.

Both girls are "okay-ish", but understandably banged around.
It's three days later, and they are very stiff and going blue in the wierdest of places. Adele's now been taken to hospital for observation and tests as she's become swollen and is battling to breathe. (sounds like a rib to me)

Final thoughts
Either Cager brain fade or genuinely unsighted (was bike partially occluded by truck from cager point of view when she decided to take the gap ?)

I am uncertain whether either of the jackets had correct armour (if any)
Neither lady had "seriaas" trousers on.

It is unclear whether practiced emergency braking may have lessened impact speed.

18-05-2006, 05:19 PM
BDC (Brain-Dead Cager) in action.