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We have had some changes within the team and here is a quick update from our side.
Asylum has had to leave due to work constraints and we thank him for the efforts he has afforded us over the last few months. Fortunately he has offered to stay on in a legal advisory capacity and to maintain our trademarks, and we are grateful for his continued support.
We have co-opted Alexj into the vacant Board position and would like to welcome him to the team!
This has led to a shuffle in portfolios which is included in the updates below:

Sponsorship & Projects will now be headed up by The Brain (Alan Hendrickse)


a. In progress - Tom Tom – Marius is busy doing testing on the products and we have supplied them with stickers in the meantime
b. Completed: PE Military Police & Welkom Biker’s Safety Drive

Projects In progress

a. Suicide Lane (Crash)
b. Photo Comp (Az)
c. iLead/Google (Crash)
d. Childsafe And Safely Home Road (Tart & Az)
e. Shopping Centre Membership Drive (Alexj)

Marshalling remains with Jadd


a. WBro sadly had to step down as HM for GP. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his commitment to marshalling as a whole during his tenure as HM. Although WBro has stepped down as HM he will not be leaving the marshalling fold.
b. We have a number of new trainees who have joined and would like to welcome them on board to the marshalling fraternity.
c. We now enter the busiest time of the year with up to two events being attended to in one day.

2. The Crew remains the GP faithful support under the care of the ever amazing Solstice
3. Marshalling Admin is handled by Tart (WC) and Yvonne (GP) with forum support from Colyvon.
4. At this time no Marshal (specific) training is scheduled but we will update in the near future

The Marshalling management team in both the GP and WC would like to thank all the marshals in advance for their dedication to Think Bike and Marshalling.

Az has taken on the Media Portfolios

1. Print Media / Corp ID / Content Management

a. The Réhann is our lead here as the official TB spokesperson and is currently in discussion with the team heading up the eco mobility month in Sandton
b. TheRéhann will once again be looking after our design for print media at his usual pricing of “free” :notworthy:

2. Website & Forum (Webmaster-Paul Bedford, Forum Admins and Mods)

a. Paul has undertaken some Software Updates / Upgrades over the last month as a result of our hosting company moving to a newer version of PHP.
b. We are awaiting Feedback from Paul regarding the progress of the move to the new Forum

3. Social Media – Facebook/Twitter

a. This continues to grow as the preferred way of contact from our supporters with the Forum becoming less busy on a monthly basis.
b. Az has also dealt with a TB impersonating profile on Twitter and had this removed

Retail and Membership remains with Paul (REDLAW)

1. On the Retail side,

a. We have ordered and received new stock of Pink, Black and Yellow TB vests to stock the shop – orders have steady come through and we are back to a 24 hour turn around when responding to customers.
b. We have also brought in a new helmet sticker range – Blood Types – and these will be available from the shop at R5 per sticker

2. Membership

a. We are again back to a 24 hour turnaround time
b. A cause for concern, our numbers have dwindled over the last few months.We are looking at ways to grow our member numbers so please email the board if you have any suggestion or get hold of Alexj to join his Shopping Centre Membership Drive.

Marius (Phoenix) remains with Education

1. Schools – Marius is investigation the option of bringing a “well known ER brand” on board and working with them to start cyclist / biker education at a school’s level

2. Corporates– no feedback on any initiatives yet but we expect the school’s ed will provide a corporate spill over

3. Rider Training – Keep your eyes on the Forum for some Rider training scheduled for next month. TheRéhann will make the announcement shortly

Alexj takes over Events

1. Assets and Asset Register – Alex will be briefed on this in the next few days and an updated list will appear on the forum shortly

2. TB & External Events

a. Phoenix and Solstice have been the stars driving the events run during August – both in Welkom and Rustenburg.
b. Feedback from Welkom: Solstice, Pazzo and Marius attended the biker safety ride in Welkom. We had a lot of requests for T-shirts, caps, metal badges(triangular) and triangular reflective stickers. Giel(forum name) and his wife are willing to help in that area. They are willing to man a stall at a shopping centre and sell some stock. I have volunteered the expertise of the TB marshals for some rider training. I know the GP marshals are beginning with our busy season but I am sure we could get some peeps interested with this. I will start communicating with Giel and organise something in the area, even if it is just selling some TB stock at a shopping centre for a start.

3. Banner Days - Colyvon has a number of banners available if you would like to join Alex in his Bridge Crusade

4. Calendar - Alex will be briefed on this in the next few days

And finally, I remain on as the COB

1. Corp Governance

a. Our 2015 Audit is nearly complete – just chasing Std Bank for some statements on an old account and I should have feedback by the next report.
b. Asylum’s resignation and Alexj’s addition are being registered

2. Reporting & Communication to Members:

Our last email out regarding the choise to be to be a voting or non-voting member has enjoyed the most response we have ever received on any email , with 62 members mailing us a NO and only 21 sending a YES

Considering we have 373 members, with only 83 replies, you can possibly understand why it has been necessary to provide these options

3. Finance

a. Currently there are no outstanding supplier payments
b. There are outstanding invoices to the value of R38 404.00
c. Bank Balance is R37,239.35
d. Marshal Kitty - R4,068.31
e. Bank statements are available to members via email on request

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Thank you SmartTart, and all others busy behind the scenes.

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What a great summary and an example to transparency! :notworthy:

And finally, I remain on as the COB

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