View Full Version : 702 Walk the Talk 2015

28-07-2015, 07:58 PM
So you may wonder what the heck the Think Bike Marshals were doing at a "walking" event!!!!!!
This is one of the premier events of the South African calendar and this year 60,000 people took part. They walked over three distances - 5KM, 8KM and 15KM.

Think Bike Marshals were used for the following:

To assist JMPD in manning "high risk" intersections where the likelihood of a problem was high (There were 7 Marshals and 4 trainee Marshals manning 7 intersections)
To escort VIP's and VVIP's to and from the venue - We escorted vets, singers, bands, an SAPS honour guard as well as the National Commissioner of Police. The role of these escorts is to meet the VIP outside the area and escort them rapidly and safely through the heavy traffic. (There were 3 Marshals allocated to this function)
To provide a quick Reaction Unit that is able to rapidly respond at problem areas anywhere in the immediate area of the 702 Walk the Talk. (There were 7 Marshals in this Rapid Reaction Unit).

So you see - Think Bike Marshals are used for many different functions at all kinds of events. Why are we used? The main reasons are we are able to rapidly deploy to a problem area, we are well trained and we are trusted by event organisers to perform in whatever the situation.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a Think Bike Marshal, send an email to gpmh@thinkbike.co.za and someone will contact you.