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14-06-2015, 08:06 PM
Hi Guys, as you know I ride a Yamaha MT 07, I also have a YouTube Channel, 689moto. I am trying to grow my channel so that I can get a customized name, will you help me to do this? My YouTube channel name is "689moto", please hit the subscribe button. If you have a YouTube channel I will subscribe to yours to help you as well. Thank you for your help!

Tour Biker
15-06-2015, 02:26 AM
Some lekker videos there! I tried vlogging but have nothing to say and only animal noises... hehehe like my riding Tradouw pass. hehehe, You'll get the hits soon. 4500 is not bad for a couple of months. After a couple of years I only got 231 000 views. Just update your google profile as most would actually hit there as well.

A tip that will help. Look on you dashboard witch countries hit the most. Get a subscriber from that end link a similar video of yours to his. Here is the sad news.... Guys in the US don't see us, but we see them. As example China has the most uploads but we don't see them. Its filtered out. You upload to google dot co dot za.

How to overcome this obstacle. Open a blog witch is published at blogspot dot com. My blog is only a couple of months old and hit big time all over the world. Link all your accounts together, Youtube, blog, google, facebook and Twitter.

Tagging. Most people don't tag the videos correctly and the google search don't pick it up. As example to test this google:
"think bike banners" or "lx250gy"
After some time if you want to check your tagging, make sure to clear your browser first.

Be creative. As example I advertise events on a website. follow the description and the "links" in red on this page. Amazing how visible one becomes.
Check this link and hit detail: http://www.zabikers.co.za/events/category/safety-awareness/
Tomorrow I'll do screenshots of my different dashboards that shows my hits and from what countries and sites.
My blog link in my signature.
Good luck!

Tour Biker
15-06-2015, 09:20 AM
My Youtube dashboard the last 28 days. Usually I get a lot from Brazil and Kenya, but the past month US hit on me, England as usual and Israel equal to Australia. Just over 6000 hits over 28 days not too bad. Canada stays always sort of the same. The image will help you to get to the dashboard. You can get analyses for each upload as well. Hope this helps.

15-06-2015, 04:27 PM
YOU ARE A STAR!! thanks so much for the advice, I will definitely do what you have suggested. Will pick your brain for more help going forward and thanks for your sub!

Tour Biker
15-06-2015, 05:15 PM
I don't know about that.... I'm no Leonardo da Caprio or one of those... Anyway did watch a few of your videos. A wile back I was interested as a security supervisor as a promised position that never came... anyway another place to spot me is on the psira site, where you check on-line registration and the following number 2097875. I wonder what happened with the id pictures on that site? I suppose most "other" people look like raisins any way... all looking the same...hehehe