View Full Version : "JOB Specs" for TB officials. (In preperation of the coming AGM)

25-07-2013, 03:10 PM
With the AGM is coming up soon, it got me thinking about all the aspects of being a director that no one warned me about - in fact, I was only ever given two warnings about the job:

The title Director comes with a DIY shooting range target for your back (Thanks Stranger)
If I thought that volunteering cost a pretty penny, I was about to discover that being a Director would involve financial haemorrhaging, and that was from a tangible cost aspect, not a time value perspective (Thanks Réhann)

And both of them turned out to quite correct!

But what no one ever mentioned is the amount of time it takes to keep all the aspects of the campaign flowing smoothly...simultaneously... and to everyone's satisfaction...and what those requirements are.
The time required has unfortunately also been the reason that some Directors have had to resign, which is always sad...but as a wise man once told me, the Directors are the only volunteers in this campaign that HAVE to work daily in the background to keep the momentum...because they are responsible, and can be held accountable if these daily tasks are not managed...

Anyhow, AMZ and I were chatting and we thought it might be a good idea to start a thread that contains some of the tasks & roles that the Directors carry out - daily, weekly, monthly, ad hoc - with the intention of being able to give some kind of time indicator that is required as well as what operational "talents" need to applied.

I will get the ball rolling with some of the areas and over the next few weeks, we will all build on this with what it is we do in our free time so that future Directors have a fair idea of the expected time commitment to work from when they step up to the plate.

PS - Please note that, after today's debate and insights, these lists are here to provide you with a basic idea to work from in order make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to be a Director...nothing more nothing less. And if you see gaping flaws in the way we do things around here, then that is your cue to make a difference and join the Directors!

25-07-2013, 03:21 PM
Daily time requirement: Between 1 & 2 hours per day, unless updates / upgrades are required, then this time frame is extended.

Availability requirement: 24 / 7...just in case

Cost to self: bandwidth – Broadband is a must! And alot of airtime to deal with various vendors & some users.

Costs to campaign: Annual Licensing fees, monthly hosting fees, ad hoc Developer Fees.

1. Contact point for ISP
a. Communicate any technical issues telephonically & via email should the need arise
b. Provide feedback to Board & users if there are technical issues
c. Keep domain updated as per ISP requests / changes

2. Ensure annual licensing and monthly hosting is kept up to date and paid
3. Respond (professionally as possible) to all emails and notifications received via the Webmaster address within 24 hours
a. Queries
b. Complaints
c. System notifications

4. Forward any emails and notifications received via the Webmaster address within 24 hours to the correct team if there is a responsible team.
a. Queries
b. Complaints

5. Maintain the smooth running of domain & subdomains
a. Domain (Website, incorporating the shop component):

i. Keep website up to date in terms of software updates (Joomla Interface)
ii. Keep components within the website updated – eg VitualMart Shop (Joomla interface)
iii. Manage and maintain the thinkbike.co.za email addresses
iv. Maintain information on Website

1. Monthly update of front page picture for Photo Competition

v. Respond to all user queries having difficulty with the Shop login system.

b. Subdomains (Membership, Forum)

i. Maintain the smooth running of the Forum
ii. Administration function on Forum

1. Daily approval of new user profiles,
2. Loading of advertising banners and removal at time of expiry (generated through shop)
3. Removal of bot accounts awaiting email activation
4. User queries
5. Daily deleting of returned email address to keep out going email to a minimum
6. Guide moderators
7. Support users with queries

iii. Updating / Upgrading of Forum software
iv. Liaise with membership database developer regarding updates & upgrades. The Developer has given us lifetime support, but we need to keep him updated of any changes on domain)

25-07-2013, 03:53 PM
Shop Role

Daily time requirement: Approx.1 hour per day to allocate payments & reply to query mails. 1 hour weekly to pack orders. Monthly/ post event stock take +/- 3 hours

Shopper Process:

Customer registers & then places order in shop
Auto email sent to customer & shop address (Email filed till payment received)
Customer sends Proof of Payment to shop address
Turnaround time for order no more than 2 weeks, unless tags are included, then time increased to 6 weeks to allow for engraving.

Availability requirement: Daily for at least an hour

Cost to self: Bandwidth – Broadband is a must! And a lot of airtime to deal with various suppliers and customers

Costs to campaign: Cost of stock, courier charges & registered postage costs (recovered from customer payments)

Shop Process:
1. Daily Duties include:

a. Receipt of emails indicating new registrations (to be filed)
b. Receipt of emails regarding new orders (to be filed)
c. Receipt of payments and allocating payment within 24 hours (customer is notified by auto responder email)
d. Replying to any shop queries received by mail or on Forum with 24 hours

2. Weekly Duties:

a. Ordering of tags (using engravers template)
b. Collection of tags
c. Postage of registered Items
d. Packing orders for courier delivery
e. Packing of regional stock requirements and arranging delivery
f. Email to courier to arrange collection
g. Updating shop system with tracking number or waybill (customer is notified by auto responder email)
h. Placing of bulk orders for co-branded item with sticker / vest suppliers
i. Placing of bulk orders with sticker / vest suppliers
j. Dealing with returned items / faulty items

3. Monthly / Post Event / Ad Hoc Duties

a. Stock take
b. Validate stock levels according to the shop software (Stock take to be used as reference)
c. Raise purchase order to place orders with suppliers based on stock required
d. Sourcing items and quotes to forwarded for Board approval
e. Submitting supplier invoices for payment
f. Submitting courier invoices for payment
g. Submitting of postage costs for refunds