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22-08-2007, 08:04 AM
I just had to share this with you. Although it was one of the most scariest things I've everseen, I have to take my hat of to ADT Security (I think it was them. Looked like one of their uniforms). Just before the Rivonia of ramp, traveling from william nicol side, I saw 3 guys running along the highway. 2 Fairly to the front and one behind. When I had a closer look, the guy behind had a gun drawn.

Me being the scardy cat that I am, immediately started stopping my car, because I don't want to be trapped in front of this guy incase he starts shooting. When I started stopping all the other cars started stopping, and the security guy was able to cross the highway to get to the other side where the other 2 guys were now.

The bad... I must also appologise. Just before the security guard wanted to run in front of my car, I pulled off again, because at that moment it looked like he might get in my car, and my first thought was that I do not want to start chasing after criminals on the highway in peak hour traffic. I think I caused him to be a few more seconds behind.

And then, I need to appologise to the rest of the traffic for jaaging *** an. I was to terrified that the rest of my 2km trip to work I just completely messed up. I even crossed an intersection when I knew I was not going to make the green and then umber light. So I stopped in the middle of an intersection in front of oncoming traffic and a biker had to go around me because I was so shaken up, firstly because of what had just happened and then because I was in the middle of a moving intersection and I was stationery. - Sorry people! I know I should have tried to collect myself first and then started thinking again. But, I did not and it could have caused some serious accidents. Lucky for me, there were no accidents.

I really hope the ADT guy cought the people he was chasing. I am just a little confused and curious as to why these purps took their balaclavas off and ran with them in their hands. Does it not make identifying them easier?

Old timer
22-08-2007, 08:49 AM
Dont worry about jaaging on,it was natural considering what happend.
Glad youre OK

22-08-2007, 09:28 PM
As long as you are okay that is cool. I think you were lucky as well... getting hurt in a crash or hurting others would be worse, so I think you should've pulled over and regrouped ;)

23-08-2007, 06:30 AM
+1 with DC.