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19-07-2006, 07:56 PM
I know it might seem a touch pretentious of me to give advice here, considering that I have a post count that u can count on one hand. But I feel it's my duty to inform and enlighten all on a subject that I have had the worst kind of experience with:
I bought a Kazuma (yes, I know) from Vehicle Agents in Pretoria, along with my neighbor and two of his friends. I rode it for 2 weeks before I came down with it because of a burst rear-tire tube, (luckily I was going pretty slow). Wasn't a week later when another of my fellow suckers came down with the same problem (literally!), he got some bad road-rash though because he was doing 100 kph.
Spokes started to break in a seemingly random fashion, and my brakes started to make a grinding noise after a week of riding. Then, when the motor started lurching, hoesing and poeping with 2500 kms on the clock I finally gave up and sold the f@cker. My neighbors bike is in pretty much the same shape as mine with pieces of the plastic, clocks, lights etc. coming off for no good reason.

Moral of my woeful tale? If it says Kazuma, or Lifah on the side (appears to be the same thing with a different name), stay far away... you might live longer....

ps. The Kazuma hasn't seen one day of off-roading.... :shock:

20-07-2006, 04:19 PM
We appear to be living in the throw away age. So I'm not surprised that with motorcycles you can also throw away after a week's usage. And generally people get bored after a week and throw the bike away in any case! So value for money versus joy and entertainment it is well worth the money spent! :lol:

NOT! :badgrin: